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Everlane Sneakers Launch

Sustainable, ethical, unbranded, unisex—
The Everlane Sneaker.

Everlane explored a range of concepts leading up to the launch of its first sustainable sneaker.

The creative criteria: That it communicate a sustainable material and manufacturing story inside a streamlined branding system that would appeal as much to a younger audience as Everlane’s existing customer.

At the time of exploration, there were a few working titles:
E.S. (Eco Sneaker), Sneakers, Seekers, Tracks.

Sneaker Launch Concept: Everlane
Creative, Design, & Art Direction: Carla Poirier
Naming Concepts: Alexandra Spunt
Photography: Found Imagery

The Core Collection

Color Pallette

Logo & Tagline

Emblem Explores

Emblem & Logo Set

Sneaker Box

Mock Website

Mock OOH

Image top center by May Truong